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Embankment is a ‘converter’ of high-quality IP and delivers entertainment to global audiences.

We are a team that converts film and television IP to production and commercial exploitation by arranging financing, and managing global distribution and collections. We provide individually tailored solutions for filmmakers to finance films and TV.

Specialising in financing of quality and award-winning films, the company procures pre-sales, tax-credit facilities, equity, mezzanine and gap financing for international producers, enabling filmmakers to manage their “owned” film assets.

Our rate of conversion is rapid and highly effective, our collections rating is AAA+.

Embankment’s creative expertise includes co-developing and packaging IP with Producers for targeted commercial audiences, and offers international distributors first class global marketing and technical delivery.

The company is a team of energetic executives, each empowered to be multi-disciplined, proactive and innovative.  Founded in 2012 by Tim Haslam and Hugo Grumbar — Embankment maintains a validated track record for excellent performance.  Tim has been financing high quality films for over 25 years, and Hugo Grumbar has been releasing films as a distributor for over 15 years. They share a career roster of over 250 new feature films (and amalgamated library management of over 1000 titles) including feature films that have garnered over 65 Academy Awards and Nominations. Most importantly, we are inspired by “storytelling” and the brilliance filmmakers — each executive in the company share a genuine passion for entertainment media — film and TV.

Explore our current slate below

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Women In The Castle
The Miracle Club
Gipsy Kings
Call Me Kate
The United Way


Email: info@embankmentfilms.com
Tel: +44 20 7183 4739
Website: www.embankmentfilms.com